With more than 100 years of collective experience in architectural design, the Landau|Zinder team brings a multi-disciplinary approach to our projects. In addition to our specialization in the design of synagogues and Jewish institutions, Landau|Zinder has a strong portfolio in educational spaces, libraries and research centers, office environments, and food facilities (including restaurants, banquet spaces, and kosher kitchens). We expect to draw from these experiences in order to meet the specific goals and requirements of each facet of your facility. Our comprehensive approach also ensures that each discrete component will be integrated into a cohesive and harmonious final design.

One of our guiding philosophies is to create unique and interesting spaces that reflect the distinct character of a community. We believe that architecture not only has the ability to transform, but also to educate inhabitants and enrich their lives by creating a sense of place and identity. Creating attractive spaces for religious entities often requires creative techniques to ensure that the final product achieves the highest design quality while being attentive to the often restricted budgets available to non-profit institutions.