Landau/Zinder draws from a lifelong commitment to Judaism, a thorough understanding of congregational needs, knowledge of current trends and directions, and proven ability to manage projects effectively.

Landau|Zinder has the experience and sensitivity required to create synagogue environments that are unique to each congregation. The Landau|Zinder team encourages the voice of the congregants to shape the design solution by listening to and empowering their vision. Through the collaborative process, Landau|Zinder has found that each congregation offers distinct, invaluable ideas to satisfy their unique aesthetic aspirations; to meet their functional, financial and scheduling requirements; and to clearly and effectively express their mission in meaningful physical form. 

The Landau|Zinder team contributes innovation and spirituality to every project they undertake. They take a comprehensive approach, working within the confines of the project restraints and opportunities. Landau|Zinder brings a sensitivity to Jewish traditions and the sometimes-competing agendas of multiple constituencies as a springboard to create design solutions that anticipate growth and change, utilize space for maximum effectiveness, and create an uplifting religious environment.

In the interactive team environment established at the outset of a project, Landau|Zinder embraces congregational involvement while sustaining an efficient decision-making process. They understand and emphasize the need for accurate project cost estimating and control. Landau|Zinder provides this guiding overview from the inception of the project to its final conclusion, integrating the efforts of supporting engineers as well as specialized consultants to assuring smooth and cost-effective coordination among all services.